165 Township employees making more than $75,000

The Township’s top earner is municipal administrator Mark Bakken who made $288,038 and expensed $12,743 in 2012.

While Township council grapples with receiving a double digit pay increase amidst a struggling world economy, municipal employees continue to see their wages climb.

As required in the Financial Information Act, salaries that exceed $75,000 must be disclosed publicly. In the Township, there are 165 staff making more than $75,000, and 67 employees who make more than $100,000.

The Township’s top earner is municipal administrator Mark Bakken who made $288,038 and expensed $12,743 in 2012. He’s seen a $20,000 increase in pay since 2010. Some of that remuneration increase may include overtime.

Below Bakken for top earnings is Jason Winslade, GM of administration and community service, who made $227,650. He made $210,445 in 2010. Ramin Seifi, general manager of planning and engineering, made $199,806.

It’s been a costly venture for taxpayers to outfit each of its fire halls with full-time firefighters. There are 54 firefighters on the Township payroll now. While the average firefighter makes anywhere from $75,000 to $95,000 per year, with some of that dependent on overtime hours worked, captains make upwards of $90,000 and district fire chiefs make more than $110,000 on average.

Township fire chief Stephen Gamble  makes $154,958.

The Township salaries are in line with similar-sized municipalities.

The Township employs more than 525 full and part-time people.

Total remuneration for Township employees for 2011 was $46 million.

The remuneration for mayor and council in 2011 was also released as part of the report. A task force was proposed after councillors’ pay rose by 19 per cent in December, while the mayor’s pay rose 12 per cent. The raises are part of a regular increase that takes place every three years.

Mayor Jack Froese made $4,884 with $1,920 in expenses in 2011. He only served as mayor in December.

Former mayor Rick Green made $88,513  and expensed $9,371.

Remuneration, including expenses, are listed below for the two mayors and members of council who served in 2011.

Jordan Bateman — $23,993 (He left his seat early to take a job at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation)

David Davis —  $2,475 (first term)

Bev Dornan — $42,057

Steve Ferguson — $43,071

Charlie Fox — $39,496

Mel Kositsky — $43,190

Bob Long — $49,250

Kim Richter — $45,154

Michelle Sparrow — $3,310 (first term)

Grant Ward — $47,271

Total remuneration for elected officials is $383,087.