248 Street overpass will open on Saturday

After a brief opening on March 14, the long-awaited link between the north and south sides of Highway 1 will officially open Saturday.

An official opening ceremony for the 248 Street overpass over Highway 1 will take place on Saturday at 11 a.m.

The overpass is virtually complete, and in fact traffic used it for several hours on Friday,  March 14, before it was closed again. Several callers  to The Times suggested it was being closed simply to await an official opening ceremony.

Whatever the reason, the overpass will be open to traffic after the event on Saturday morning. That will allow people who live in the area much more direct access to the other side of the freeway. They have been forced to go west to 232 Street or east to 264 Street while the new overpass has been under construction, for most of the past year.

The new overpass was necessary as part of a project expanding the eastbound lanes of Highway 1 from two lanes to three. This is being done to allow slower vehicles to use the right lane,  and speed traffic flows on what is a mostly uphill stretch of road.