Abandoned home goes up in flames in Aldergrove

Home went up in flames on Friday morning at 268 Street and Fraser Highway.

Langley Township fire department had to put out another abandoned house fire — this time at 268 Street and Fraser Highway on Friday morning.

Around 6 a.m., Hall 3 and 7 were called out to the home, which was fully engulfed in flames, said assistant chief Pat Walker.

“The home is unoccupied and there is no power,” he said.

The property had turned into a homeless camp, with signs that people were living in the other structures, including a shed and chicken coop. Both were untouched in the fire.

Walker said the fire department will be working with the bylaw department and the owner on this problem property.

Two weeks ago, Township firefighters were called out to an unoccupied home in Willoughby set ablaze as well. Homeless people hadn’t taken up residence. The property is slated for development.

“This is an ongoing challenge for us,” said Walker about abandoned homes being taken up by squatters and lit on fire.

Langley City fire department has been kept busy as well in the past few weeks with abandoned homes set on fire.