The Coates family makes paper delivery a group effort

The Coates family makes paper delivery a group effort

Aldergrove family really delivers

Karen Coates and her children make newspaper delivery a group effort

For the Coates family of Aldergrove, delivering newspapers is a true group effort.

Currently, mom Karen Coates, 17-year-old daughter Bethany, 14-year-old son Levi and 10-year-old daughter Maresha all work together to deliver papers to their community, including the Langley Times and its sister paper The Aldergrove Star.

Older siblings Jerusha, 20, and Josiah, 18, have also worked as carriers but have relinquished their paper routes to their younger siblings.

Even dad Randy has filled in.

“We’ve passed it around,” says Karen Coates, who says her children have obtained other jobs because their carrier experience shows prospective employers that they have a good work ethic.

“It’s a good way to exercise and earn money at the same time,” says Bethany, who handed over her paper routes to brother Levi after about 10 years because she became busy with other work, but still pitches in when required.

When the weather allows, Levi, who delivers to 125 houses, sometimes speeds up the process by delivering papers on rollerblades.

Maresha has now graduated to her own 19-house route, which she serves with a wagon.

Karen Coates, who has a 50-house route, says her youngest daughter has been doing paper routes since she was born, because she would take Maresha with her in a stroller when she did her rounds.

This is International Carrier Appreciation Week (Oct. 5-11) which recognizes the importance and hard work of newspaper carriers around the world.

And once again Black Press is saying thank you to the people of all ages who get our papers to readers’ doorsteps, says CEO Rick O’Connor.