Another leak found in Aldergrove water main

There has been another leak found in the new multi-million dollar water main extension from Metro Vancouver to Aldergrove.

There has been another leak found in the new multi-million dollar water main extension from Metro Vancouver to Aldergrove.

“The contractor has recently confirmed that a leak has now been detected at a pipe joint around 246 Street,” said councillor Bob Long this week.

The contractor is now in the process of draining the system to be able to undertake the necessary repairs.

“The cause of leak is unknown at this time, but investigation is underway, in collaboration with the consultants, contractors and pipe manufacturer. All of those parties will be present for the repair currently scheduled for early next week,” said Long.

The water main extension is the single largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Township of Langley, at a cost of $31 million.

The new water main serves Murrayville, east Langley, Gloucester Industrial Estates as well as Aldergrove.

The water main was to have been operational by this spring but has been delayed by the need for repair to a couple of serious leaks found in the system during tests. The costs of those repairs have been borne by the contractors and pipe suppliers, so far.

Aldergrove and Gloucester is currently served by eight Township-owned water wells, and due to a declining water table, particularly in the dry summer months, there are severe water use restrictions required at times in Aldergrove.

Once the new water main is operational, the Metro Vancouver water will be blended with the Aldergrove well water for provision to local water users. This will ensure reliable supplies of water to the community as well as keep costs down as the Metro Vancouver water will be metered and paid for based on usage.

This will also result in Aldergrove having the same water restrictions as the rest of Metro Vancouver, and Aldergrove will not have the severe stage 3 restrictions it has endured in recent summers unless those restrictions are also required in the rest of Metro Vancouver.

The reliable water supply will also enable new residential development in Aldergrove, which has been hampered by capacity of water and sanitary sewer service. A new, multi-million dollar sewer main from Aldergrove and Gloucester to Metro Vancouver’s treatment plants was completed a couple years ago and is now operational.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story had an incorrect figure for the total cost of the water main extension. The cost has been corrected to $31 million. Apologies for the error.