Another year in halfway house for sex offender who kidnapped Langley girl

Brian Abrosimo will spend 365 days more in a supervised facility

Brian Edward Abrosimo. (VPD photo)

Brian Edward Abrosimo. (VPD photo)

The man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted an Aldergrove girl more than a decade ago will not be released to parole in the community for at least another year, the Parole Board of Canada has decided.

Brian Abrosimo will spend another 365 days in a supervised halfway house, with no overnight leave privileges, the Parole Board decided, in a decision dated to April 4 this year.

Abrosimo is serving a 10-year Long-Term Supervision Order imposed after he served 14 years and four months for the 2004 abduction of a young Langley girl from a rural Aldergrove road.

He used his van to knock down two children who were riding bicycles along 256th Street, kidnapping an 11-year-old girl, taping her eyes and mouth, and driving her to Surrey, where he sexually assaulted her.

His victim managed to escape from the van and run to a nearby home.

Her friend was left behind in a ditch with cuts, bruises and a broken wrist.

A month before that, Abrosimo had kidnapped, handcuffed, and sexually assaulted a sex trade worker.

The most recent Parole Board decision means Abrosimo will remain in a Community Residential Facility (CRF), a kind of halfway house. He will not be allowed to leave the facility overnight, and will be subject to a number of other continuing conditions, including not taking drugs or alcohol, not being near children or areas where children gather, and being banned from any contact with his victims.

“You have been violent toward men, women, and children, and the severity has escalated over time,” the decision noted.

The Parole Board noted some positive aspects to Abrosimo’s work towards rehabilitation, including actively participating in counselling, working with a mental health team, completing volunteer work, and getting a full-time job as a labourer.

“However, you have also struggled on release,” the report noted. “You can become easily overwhelmed by your emotions, and when elevated, you can verbally lash out and threaten to harm others.”

It also noted that he has had to be repeatedly warned about “engaging with vulnerable female residents,” and over the last year was found with teenager-themed pornography on his phone, leading to a new condition banning him from viewing porn.

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“Alternatives to a residency condition has been considered but dismissed as you do not have a well developed plan and you continue to require considerable staff oversight and support to manage your behaviours,” the decision said, “including managing your emotions, maintaining appropriate distance from potentially vulnerable women and children as well as oversight that you are not accessing pornography.”

Abrosimo has had several serious incidents after his release. In 2020, in a halfway house in Vancouver, he threatened to slit his own throat. Staff coaxed him to give up the knife, and he was arrested by Vancouver Police officers.

He also spent several weeks in prison after Christmas 2020 after he became belligerent with the manger of his halfway house.

His 10-year Long Term Supervision Order will run until 2030, when Abrosimo will be 67.

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