Dairy farmer runs for Township seat

Homegrown dairy farmer David Davis is running as “a truly independent” Langley Township councillor in the Nov. 19 election.

David Davis

David Davis

Homegrown dairy farmer David Davis is running as “a truly independent”  Langley Township councillor in the Nov. 19 election.

“I was born in Langley, I was raised in Langley, and I want to spend the rest of my life in Langley,” Davis said.

Born 53 years ago, he still farms the same land in Milner that his great- grandfather farmed more than 125 years ago.

“I decided to run for council because I wanted to have a voice,” Davis said.

“I feel like many other Langley residents, that there have been too many issues that have been ignored. Council needs to remember why it’s there — to be a voice for the community.

“If elected to council I want to see a transportation plan that will serve our municipality now, and into the future. We need roads that our community ‘grows into’ rather than roads that we have outgrown long before we have finished developing around them,” he said.

Davis said he is worried when he looks at the high density developments in the Willoughby area.

“We need to slow our pace down. We need to ask ourselves, what do we want our Township to look like 20 years from now? I also want to see sound management of our tax dollars. We have to spend money to maintain our Township but we need to prioritize our spending.

“We need to look at everything we spend money on in this municipality, and show the residents how their money is being spent.

“Finally, I want to preserve farmland. We need to think of our future, with the rising cost of fuel, and climate change, there may be a time in this country when we cannot import food easily. We need to preserve our farmland for future generations.”

Davis has served as a director of the Milner Community Association, the Dairy Conservation Group, and has served as an adviser to the Langley Agricultural Advisory Committee. He said that he welcomes the challenge to serve as a councillor.

“I want to be a voice for the community,” he said, promising that he will “talk to the people of Langley, listen to the people of Langley, and represent the people of Langley.”

To contact Davis, phone 604 888-1402, or e-mail him at davistead@shaw.ca.