Election 2014: Kristine Ketter seeks seat on Langley Board of Education

School District 35: Ketter, Kristine - trustee (Township of Langley): Current Langley DPAC president has lengthy involvement with education.

  • Sep. 30, 2014 7:00 a.m.
Kristine Ketter is seeking one of the five Township seats on the Langley Board of Education.

Kristine Ketter is seeking one of the five Township seats on the Langley Board of Education.

Kristine Ketter has announced her intention to seek one of the five trustee seats in Langley Township, on the Langley Board of Education.

She has spent the past eight years observing the board’s activities in detail and feels that, with the knowledge she has gained, she would be a valuable addition to the board.

A wife and mother of two children, both of whom currently attend district schools in the Walnut Grove area, she and her family have resided in Langley since 2006. Previously they lived in Victoria and Kelowna.

Prior to staying home to support her children, she worked as a sign language interpreter for the deaf in the Central Okanagan School District for eight years. The experience of working with children with special needs in a classroom setting gave her valuable insight into their unique needs, and how to help students stay engaged in their class activities and with their peers.

While she does extensive volunteer work, she no longer works outside the home. She said that, if elected, she will have the capability to dedicate her time to getting inside schools, speaking with students, parents, teachers, and support staff to find out what works, what doesn’t, and how things can be changed for the better.

“I have been involved with B.C.’s education system in a variety of capacities for nearly 20 years now. I remain committed to improving the education system for all children. I am a passionate advocate for education, inclusion of all students in a safe and engaging environment, personalized learning, and encouraging rich and engaging learning opportunities,” she said.

“We are on the edge of a paradigm shift in how students are being taught. I would like to be a part of bringing all stakeholders together to understand what these changes are and how they will affect our children’s future for the better.”

Ketter is the current president of Langley District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC). However, in accordance with DPAC policy, she is taking a leave of absence during this campaign period.

“My roles have been many, including providing input and feedback at the school, district, and provincial levels. I am also the chair of Langley Parents as Partners in Learning (LPPL) and sit on several community committees on behalf of LPPL. I believe that my experiences have helped me to develop and deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this district.

“There are a number of important decisions to be made in the next few years. I want to be a part of those discussions. It is of utmost importance that the Board of Education have a complete and sound understanding of all stakeholder views before making decisions that will affect the future of education for our children in the Langley community.”

She welcomes comments from  about education issues. She can be contacted at KristineKetter@shaw.ca. Her campaign website is www.KristineKetter.com.