Patricia Lessard

Patricia Lessard

Election 2014: Patricia Lessard seeks Langley Township council seat

Township of Langley: Lessard, Patricia — council candidate: Longtime Walnut Grove resident will seek one of eight councillors' seats.

  • Sep. 17, 2014 5:00 a.m.

Walnut Grove resident Patricia Lessard has announced she plans to run for one of the eight councillor positions on Langley Township council.

She is a self-employed, single mother of two, and has been a resident of the Township of Langley since the early 1990s.

Lessard is passionate about her community, and believes she has a solid understanding of the diverse community of the Township and its unique needs.

Her campaign will focus on three themes: communication, sustainable development and youth and young adults.

In the area of communication,  Lessard has spoken to many residents who feel their ideas, concerns and opinions are not heard currently at the council table. She will work hard to ensure that council improves communication and dialogue with residents.

“We need to investigate what they (the Township) are doing in that area, because it’s not really working,” she said.

She suggests more use of social media to communicate with residents, making the Township website easier to navigate and setting up an easier way for people to email concerns to council members and Township staff.

In the area of sustainable development, she believes development needs to be sustainable so that Langley continues to be what she calls “an amazing place to live for everyone.”

She will push for a review of all Official Community Plans to ensure that they still reflect the needs and vision of the whole community. Many were adopted years ago.

She says that Brookswood and Willoughby residents are feeling that approved development plans and, in Brookswood, an OCP which was rejected by council, do not take into account concerns of people who already live there.

She would like to see some of the plans for Willoughby revisited.

Youth and young adults need to remain engaged in a positive way in the community. She  wants to work on developing strategies to keep them  engaged, so all are able to reach full potential. This will mean  investing in resources and opportunities, she says.

Lessard has been involved in numerous community organizations, many relating to her children’s activities. These include scouting, parents’ advisory councils and the 746 Air Cadet squadron.

She was chair of a scouting group committee and was a member of Rotary in the past. She has also been active with Walnut Grove Family Festival and is an instructor in Breakthrough Parenting.

Lessard is hoping to fund her campaign with small donations and will be asking 1,000 people for donations of $10 each.