Election 2014: Steve Ferguson wants an eighth term on Langley Township council

Township of Langley: Ferguson, Steve - council candidate: Longtime councillor says he is "available and accountable" to citizens.

  • Oct. 14, 2014 2:00 p.m.

Steve Ferguson is seeking his eighth term on Langley Township council. He is the longest-serving member of council.

“This campaign will be more focused on Langley’s future,” says Ferguson.

He is concerned about the extra demands on the residential taxpayer.

“We need to think outside the box to generate revenues other than raising taxes and user fees.

“We need to focus on finding new initiatives and ideas that can develop some strong sustainable income for our community.” Attracting clean industry, working with other levels of government for cost sharing, utilizing technology, and recycling and reducing collection costs, are just a few of the ideas Ferguson suggests could help take the burden off taxpayers.

His public campaign about the thefts from community mailboxes even helped in this regard, he claims, as “RCMP resources are needed to investigate these crimes. If we make them (mailboxes) safer and more secure, police services can be used elsewhere.’

He says over 1,500 community mailboxes have been replaced to date.

Ferguson praises the Township’s financial management, saying “The Township is in excellent financial shape, and we have been running a very tight ship for years. We need to keep this up.”

He says he is “available and accountable” to citizens.

“I always make myself available to meet with people and discuss their concerns.”

He is running as an independent councillor.

“We’re (council) the grassroots of a community,” he says. “We work with our friends and neighbours through volunteer committees, advisory boards, delegations, and open houses to build a quality community for Langley.”