Zosia Ettenberg

Election 2014: Zosia Ettenberg seeks seat on Langley Township council

Township of Langley: Ettenberg, Zosia - council candidate: Known for advocacy work on behalf of health issues and people with challenges.

  • Oct. 2, 2014 7:00 p.m.

Zosia Ettenberg has announced she is seeking a seat on Langley Township council.

Ettenberg is an untiring advocate for the disabled, and advocates on their behalf in many ways. She is the founder of the Langley Pos-Abilities Society, and has a long history of work and involvement in the health care sector.

“I live in Langley. I will listen to the people of Langley. I will research the issues thoroughly, then I will listen to all sides of all issues, and I will vote for what I believe is best for Langley,” she said. “I will not make promises that I cannot keep, and I will work well with staff and the other elected individuals.

I realize that eight other individuals sit on council, individuals who have opinions, who have a voice, and who have a vote. There is no point in making promises that are out of my control as I cannot ensure that they would happen.”

Ettenberg would like to push for a Langley Township Volunteer Bureau.

“Langley is a very caring community and a huge number of people volunteer to help others in our community. There are almost 1,000 non-profit societies in Langley, societies that help the citizens of Langley in so many different ways. Many of them are looking for people to help out. but they have trouble getting volunteers.

“Many residents volunteer to help in events such as the recent BC Seniors Games and then, after it ended, they began looking for something else to do. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was one location where they could sign up, be vetted and then matched up with volunteer jobs in the community?”

She would also like to see the bureau maintain a calendar of events detailing what is happening in Langley. Part of that would help groups organizing events to avoid scheduling them on days where there is competition for the same audience.

She has strong opinions on community development.

“In the hope of preventing a disaster like the one we had with the Brookswood Community Plan, I want to spearhead the development of a formula for creating community plans for Langley. The Brookswood decision was averted, but we need to have a new plan for Brookswood and we will need other plans down the road for other communities. Progress is coming whether we like it or not.”

She said such a formula cold be created by a committee made up of councillors, staff, and members of the community, facilitated by professionals with the tools needed to create the plan. Once a formula is developed, it could be adopted for use in future planning.

She would also like to see members of council representing a certain area of the Township, at least on an informal basis, so that residents of that area have someone to contact with a concern. This would streamline communication with council, and would help all the people in the community.

“My goal is to explore the feasibility of having area representation on council in some form or other.

“My purpose in running for office is to make Langley a better place to live for all.

As your councillor, I will bring these issues to light with integrity, vision and most of all. common sense.”

Her website is http://www.zosiaettenberg.ca and she can be found on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/Zosiaforlangleytownshipcouncil

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