Glen Williamson

Glen Williamson

Faust’s story comes to Aldergrove

When I first heard that St. Dunstan’s Church was presenting the story of Faust, my mind started racing. “Faust, Faust, Faust,” I thought, trying to remember who he was. I knew it was about someone who made a deal with the devil, and that the story was very old. That was about as far as I got.

Luckily, the internet was handy, so I gave myself a crash course in Faust. Faust was a character in a medieval German legend. A man of great knowledge and ambition, he wanted to find perfection. Enter, stage left, the devil… (actually, it wasn’t the devil himself, but the devil’s representative, a little demon by the name of Mephistopheles). Mephistopheles promises to fulfill all of Faust’s desires, in exchange for Faust’s soul. Faust agrees to it, and the story takes off from there.

Over the years, thousands of great artists have explored this story in art, drama, music, and film. The great German humanist and mystic, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, wrestled with the Faust story his whole life, and wrote a dramatic masterpiece based on it. It is Goethe’s version of the story that Glen Williamson will present on April 7 at St. Dunstan’s. Through drama and masterful story-telling, Glen Williamson will give us Goethe’s entire story in 90 minutes.

New York’s Glen Williamson is a consummate and sensitive actor. He brings his powerful stories and unique blend of humour and artistry to communities across North America. This spring, he is on a west coast tour, performing in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, and, yes, Aldergrove!

Come be part of it — you won’t regret it.

Though centuries old, this tale still speaks to us today. Have we, like Faust, sold our souls for illusory promises of fleeting pleasure, power and perfection?

Laugh with Mephistopheles; cry with Gretchen; share in Faust’s temptation.
Don’t miss this rare evening of fine drama and story. Join Williamson after the show for coffee and dessert.

Tickets are $25, or for seniors and students $20, and groups of 10 or more are 10 per cent off. For tickets call 604-856-5371.

The Story of Faust will be presented on Thursday, April 7 at 7 p.m. at St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church, 3025 – 264 Street, Aldergrove.