Figures released for school staff

Langley school district staff pay falls outside of top 10 for highest paid

As assistant superintendent of schools in Langley, Suzanne Hoffman made $184,831 in the fiscal 2011/2012 year, according to the latest figures released by the Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC).

That includes a $143,448 salary. She has since been hired as superintendent.

Secretary Treasurer David Green made slightly more at $184,831, including vehicle allowance, expenses and benefits.

Jennifer Canas, assistant superintendent of human resources made the third highest in the district at $165,630.

But it is fired Langley superintendent Cheryle Beaumont’s payout that ranks highest earnings in B.C. at just over $444,000. That includes her salary and $301,923 in severance.

Her employment ended March 2012.

But in terms of pay, Langley school district’s top staff don’t even rank in the top 10 for highest paid province-wide.

A review of the provincial figures shows that the size of the district doesn’t always match the size of the manager’s salary.

Although Surrey, the biggest school district in term’s of student population, paid its superintendent the most, North Vancouver — which ranks 11th largest — paid the second-highest amount.

All school districts in the province are required to provide an annual disclosure of executive compensation for those whose base salary is $125,000 or more, for the year ending June 30.

For the salaries from other districts across B.C. click here.

Ten largest B.C. school districts ranked by size of student population as of the 2011/12 school year (numbers from the ministry of education):

1. Surrey (69,461)

2. Vancouver (58,003)

3. Coquitlam (33,611)

4. Burnaby (25,538)

5. Richmond (22,479)

6. Central Okanagan (21,559)

7. Greater Victoria (19,877)

8. Langley (19,603)

9. Abbotsford (19,401)

10. Delta (16,352)

Top 10 districts ranked by amount paid to superintendents:

1. Surrey: $269,982

2. North Van: $245,191

3. Vancouver: $241,724

4. Greater Victoria: $236,510

5. Coquitlam: $229,208

6. Delta: $225,202

7. Richmond: $212,613

8. West Van: $210,952

9. Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows: $209,518

10. Abbotsford: $200,155

— with files from Abbotsford News