Former road to ferry dock to be returned to Kwantlen First Nation

The road was at one time part of the First Nation lands on McMillan Island.

The provincial ministry of transportation is making plans to return the former road to the Albion ferry to the Kwantlen First Nation.

The road was a busy travel route until the Golden Ears Bridge opened in 2009, and ferry service ended shortly afterwards.

Glover Road is to be closed north of Gabriel Lane, which is on McMillan Island and part of the Kwantlen lands. The Jacob Haldi bridge which links Fort Langley with the Kwantlen First Nation and Brae Island Regional Park will remain open.

After the road is officially closed, the land will be returned to the Government of Canada for inclusion on the Kwantlen First Nation lands. It was part of the reserve until the Albion ferry began operating in 1957, and the road was built.

Kwantlen First Nation residents have had difficulties on occasion with people travelling to the north end of the road to hold out-of-the-way gatherings.

Anyone wishing to make comments on the plan to close the road can do so by March 12 to Roanna Cruz, ministry of transportation, at