Get out your best bonnets for Easter, seniors!

During the last two weekends I have been in an area closer to Vancouver so the blossoms are much more advanced; it’s really a sight. I’m sorry that Will and Kate are not celebrating part of their honeymoon in the Vancouver area but perhaps they don’t know what they are missing. No doubt everyone will be up in the early hours to witness the royal wedding of the century — or is it worthwhile to miss out on sleep when you will view it a dozen times in reruns?

There are a few things coming up at the OAP Hall. Of course, cribbage at 1 p.m. on Monday, topped off with raisin bread.

On Saturday, May 7 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. there is the spring show and sale of artwork. This is the annual event sponsored by the Aldergrove Art Club, which meets every Wednesday at the OAP Hall to paint and learn. There will be paintings, pottery and greeting cards for sale.

The pot luck dinner held this past Sunday at the OAP Hall was very well attended, in spite of the hockey playoff game, but luckily I got home in time to see the third period and the Canucks sweep of the first three games against Chicago. Very thrilling, I must say.

The Star published a lot about the wonders of the Bradner Flower Show but I would like to congratulate the community for putting on such a wonderful display of flowers, as well as the school children’s work and the various handicrafts that were on display at Bradner Hall.

Each year the people of Bradner work tirelessly to entertain us with their program. And try to imagine the clean up job after it’s all over. Be proud of your accomplishments, a job well done.

Bridge club meets every Friday evening at the OAP Hall. Winners this past week were Brenda McMurdo with 8450, Myrtle Kempton with 7170 and good old faithful Doug Johnston with 6920. As always, the club welcomes new members.

At the Veterans and Seniors Club the usual great dinners were enjoyed. The kitchen looks so spiffy with the new paint job and shelf arrangements for jars, and a cute little curtain. The cook and helpers did a great job.

Games of cards and dominoes were also enjoyed this week. So, folks, come and join the sociable crowd.

On Monday after the general meeting there will be an Easter hat contest. Should be interesting.

Easter, one of the most important religious holidays, will be celebrated this weekend. It’s a time for serious thoughts and a time for families to get together. To all, a happy Easter.

Here’s a crazy story, good for a chuckle: It’s the time for golfers to get out their clubs and start a new season. A woman asked her husband whether he’d re-marry if she died and he said, “We’ve had a good marriage so no doubt I would.”

Then she asked, “Would you let her wear my clothes and jewelry?” After some thought he replied, “If there were some articles she liked, why not?”

Finally, she asked, “But you wouldn’t let her use my golf clubs?” to which he answered, “No, no, she’s left-handed.”