Gun and ammunition causes trouble for American at Aldergrove border crossing

Florida man, 66, fined a total of $3,800 for violating Canadian gun laws

Image of new Aldergrove border crossing.

Image of new Aldergrove border crossing.

A Florida senior learned the hard way that bringing handguns across the border into Canada can have dire consequences.

Joseph Buice, 66, was caught at the Aldergrove border crossing with a loaded .22-calibre revolver and two prohibited over-capacity semi-automatic pistol magazines, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said.

Buice was arrested at the Aldergrove crossing on April 11 and spent a day in jail before he appeared before a judge.

He returned to Canada and appeared before a Surrey Provincial Court judge on June 22, where he pleaded guilty to three charges of possessing a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm, not having a firearms licence and making “false or deceptive statements” to border guards.

Buice was fined $3,500 plus $300 in victim surcharge fines and given a ten-year firearm prohibition.

This seizure is an important reminder to travelers to declare all firearms upon entry to Canada.” said Daniela Evans, Director of the Pacific Highway District, CBSA.

Courtesy CBSA

CBSA photo of seized gun