Horse distress case to be decided March 28

The trial of a Langley veterinarian about a horse in distress has now ended.

A judge will bring down a decision about whether or not a former Langley veterinarian allowed a horse to be in distress and failed to to provide the necessaries for an animal on March 28.

Mark Marohn and his estranged wife Carol Schoyen-Marohn, both former vets, are charged with causing an animal to be in distress and failing to provide “necessaries” for an animal.

Marohn’s trial ended last week in Surrey Provincial Court. A judge will make his decision on whether or not Marohn caused an animal to be in distress, in regards to the well-publicized situation where he allegedly used an emaciated horse to try and pull a car out of a ditch.  He denies the accusation.

He is also charged with failing to provide necessaries to animals, in the case of six starving horses that were in his care before his arrest.

Schoyen-Marohn’s trial had to be postponed because she suffered a stroke. Her case is not scheduled to start until Octo