Independent voices much preferred

Chris Olewinski, Langley, says to vote for independent school trustee candidates

  • Oct. 26, 2011 5:00 p.m.


The auditor general’s report for the Langley School District lists under its recommendations that Board Trustees ensure that they develop ways to work together to effectively discharge their responsibilities.

In their press releases, most candidates have stated they will work together. Wendy Johnson, however, seems to be of a different opinion. She feels the current board should be disposed of, leaving her to be its leader. Although she doesn’t specifically name who she’d like to lead, it isn’t hard to figure who she wants on her ‘team’. Right now there are five candidates being endorsed by the union – two in city; McFarlane and Ashdown and three in the township; Johnson, Reekie and Dykeman. Although they will likely claim they are independents, many people would consider that a slate and in this case they are a union endorsed slate.

I highly recommend voters take a look at the other candidates running and look for the ones who are self-funded independents who have shown an unwavering interest in our district and in our students. The LTA and its affiliated unions are already strong enough, we cannot allow them to control our school board.

We need trustees who are here for our children. We need independent candidates who are running for all the right reasons – our students. On November 19 vote for our students – vote independent.

Chris Olewinski, Langley