Volunteers helped with building 24 new plots. (Aldergrove Community Garden/Special to Aldergrove Star)

It takes a village — Aldergrove community garden gets a makeover

Thanks to support from the community, 24 plots will blossom into new beginnings

It took eight months of planning, 20 volunteers, donations from local organizations, and a lot of creativity — but in the end the Aldergrove community plot replacement project proved to be fruitful.

Community garden representative Patsy Homan put a call out last year, enlisting the help of the community to give the plots a makeover.

“After almost 15 years, our garden plots were falling apart and disintegrating causing safety issues in some spots,” she said.

Much to the surprise of Homan, offers of support came flooding in. She called it “another example” of generosity and kindness in the community.

So, on Saturday April 30, the community banded together to bring new plots to fruition.

“Although it was rainy, we still had volunteers come out and build 24 plots,” Homan said.

One such volunteer was an Aldergrove food bank employee, who brought in extra volunteers for the day.

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“Linda worked hard at taking apart the old plots with a crowbar and also prepared a delicious spread for all of us,” she said.

Homan remarked that with the cost of everything going up, the food bank is getting less donations.

“So, someone had suggested that they grow their own veggies and now our local food bank has two plots,” she continued.

There are 46 plots in total, hence continual support from the community will be needed, the garden committee member noted.

“Next year, we have the other half of the plots to do,” Homan said. “We’re hoping to ask for assistance from the community.”

Homan gave special acknowledgement to Country Lumber, a local family-owned business.

“I think Greg from Country Lumber is a star,” she said. “We could not have envisioned building this project without his generous donation and time.”

Homan also credited an Aldergrove resident who wished to remain anonymous, who has become a “friend” to the garden.

“He is a senior,” she said. “He makes corner seats, benches, and stools for our gardeners who have difficulty kneeling to plant or weed.”

Homan said that the Aldergrove community garden members are “overwhelmed” with gratitude, and while gardening is on top of their priority list, so is mentoring future generations.

“Our mission is to support and educate our next generation on the importance of growing their own food,” she said

To get involved with the community garden, people can email aldergrovecommunitygardens@gmail.com.


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The new plots completed.

A volunteer assisted with feeding the team who worked on the garden.

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