The new South Yorkson elementary school is set to open in September 2013.

Langley Board of Education sets boundaries

Board passes new catchment area for South Yorkson elementary school

New school boundaries have been drawn for the South Yorkson elementary school, set to open September 2013.

Last week (Nov. 25), the board of education unanimously passed the new catchment area which will go from the intersection of 208 St. and 80 Ave., east to 216 St. and 80 Ave., north to freeway, east to Glover Road, down to Mufford Crescent, to the Willoughby Connector, and back up 208 St.

The new catchment means the boundaries for Willoughby Elementary have been redrawn and are effective fall 2013 as well.

The new boundaries aren’t going to make everyone happy, with some homes no longer in the catchment for Willoughby Elementary. Those already attending the school but who no longer fit in the boundaries will be grandfathered.

Trustee Alison McVeigh wanted it made clear that after these boundaries are set, no cross boundaries will be accepted.

Around 150 parents turned out to a public consultation meeting held last month. Around 100 people offered feedback online.

“The positive feedback we received was that the new school will mean Willoughby Elementary will no longer have the need for portables,” said assistant superintendent Gord Stewart. “It will be safer for students to walk to the new school east of 208 Street. Many who attended wanted to know if Willoughby is going to close.

“It’s not going to close. It may relocate,” said Stewart. Some feedback included confusion on how the bussing will work. He said that information will come.

He said the boundaries could be redrawn again if the Ministry of Education agrees to fund a new elementary for the Willoughby slope.

“We asked for a new school in our capital plan but we have no idea if we will get it,” he said.

“Everyone was very respectful in the process but the growth of Willoughby has created some divisions within this community so we are hoping with the transition there will be harmony in the future,” said Stewart.

The new K-5 school currently under construction at 20965 77A Ave., will house 450 students plus 60 full-time Kindergarten.