Local election candidates had lots of ideas on which celebrities should portray them. (Bill Murray: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini; Ryan Reynolds, Kermit, Jerry Seinfeld, Alanis Morrisette: Twitter; Meryl Streep: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP; July Garland: Wikipedia)

Local election candidates had lots of ideas on which celebrities should portray them. (Bill Murray: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini; Ryan Reynolds, Kermit, Jerry Seinfeld, Alanis Morrisette: Twitter; Meryl Streep: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP; July Garland: Wikipedia)

Langley candidates cast themselves in a lot of comedy flicks

ELECTION LEVITY: Council and school board hopefuls share who should play them on the silver screen

To add a little levity to the current municipal election campaign, and as one more chance to once again reminder voters that election day is imminent (ie. tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 15), the Langley Advance Times asked each candidate a whimsical but telling question.

Leading up to the election, we put 10 “hot topic” questions to each of the candidates.

By asking them to share their views on these issues, we hoped it would help local voters narrow in on who they were going to vote for in this year’s municipal election.

While gathering their answers and a brief bio on each, we also put a fun question to each person running for mayor, councillor, and school trustee. Most chose to participate:


“If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be, and who would play you?”



• Langley Township mayoralty candidates

Rich Coleman: “Western. Matthew McConaughey.”

Michelle Sparrow: “Romcom starring Julia Roberts.”

Blair Whitmarsh: “Action movie played by The Rock (haha)”

Eric Woodward: Chose not to answer.


• Langley Township council candidates

Petrina Arnason: “Claymation (Wallace and Grommitt). Character would be based on Scarlett Johansson.”

Tim Baillie: “A movie of me would be a comedy/tragedy and Liam Neeson would play me.”

Scott Cameron: “Romantic comedy played by Chris Evans.”

Michael Chang: Chose not to answer.

A.J. Cheema: Chose not to answer.

Rebecca Darnell: “The genre would be action comedy, and Kathy Bates would play me.”

James Delorme: Chose not to answer.

Stephen Dinesen: Chose not to answer.

Steve Ferguson: “My character would be Goofy. Goofy the councillor running around in police cars, and fire trucks… doing silly Goofy things… falling into piles and piles of permits and paperwork… running around the sports fields and ice surfaces with boys and girls and of course being chased by a group of seniors… That would be a hilarious Goofy episode.”

Brit Gardner: “I’d want it to be an animated Disney musical like Lion King or Encanto, for sure! “

Sukhman Gill: “The genre it would be is adventure, and most likely, Denzel Washington would play me.”

Alex Joehl: “Obviously it would be a comedy-drama, because you can’t take yourself too seriously or you’ll go insane. I’m pretty certain that I’d be played by Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Grant (if he were willing to nail-down a Canadian accent).”

Margaret Kunst: “It would have to be action/adventure, and Melissa Gilbert because she played Laura Ingalls, which was one of my all-time favourite TV series and novels as a young girl.”

Cathy MacDonald: Chose not to answer.

Barb Martens: Chose not to answer.

Karen Moraes: “Action/adventure, and Jennifer Lopez to play me as I love her rom/com movies.”

Sierra Pilcher: “Funnily enough, my favourite show is a political sitcom about a woman who runs for city council (Parks and Recreation). That said, I believe my life would be best captured as an adventure-comedy film starring Natalie Portman.”

Carey Poitras: “The genre would be comedy, and Sandra Bullock would play me.”

Michael Pratt: “It would be a comedy, and I’d hope they could get Ryan Gosling.”

Kam Respondek: “Comedy/Tom Hardy.”

Kim Richter: “Genre: adventure; actress: Judy Garland from The Wizard of Oz because politics is like a ‘yellow brick road’. You just never know who or what you’re going to meet along the way!”

Robert Rindt: Chose not to answer.

Carlos Suarez Rubio: “The movie, I will call it same as the book I am working on: A journey of Love, Faith and Trust. It will be in the genre of faith and based on a real story; may be with a bit of comedy. By Carlos Suarez Rubio. And my actor would be played by Aidan Gallagher; the same actor that played number 5 in the Umbrella Academy.”

Navin Takhar: “Sports, Sylvester Stallone.”

Teresa Townsley: “It would be a docudrama where the little guy stands against all odds for what is right and changes people’s lives for the better. I would have to play myself.”

Misty Van Popta: “A dramedy featuring Elyse Myers.”

Tony Ward: “James Dean would play my younger years, Bill Murray at middle age.”

Gerald Wartak: “Action-comedy. Played by Ryan Reynolds.”


• Langley Township school trustee candidates

Holly Dickinson: “I think my life would be a dark comedy, and I would be played by Emma Stone.”

Charlie Fox: “The movie I would choose is The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. I would be Jack Nicholson, the person who just wants to check off as many sites, sounds and experiences they can from their ‘bucket list’, before they pass on!”

Gareth Lockhart: “It would be a romantic comedy, and it would probably be Steve Carell.”

Joel Neufeld: “RomCom played by Bradley Cooper.”

Suzanne Perreault: “Mystery movie: Alanis Morisette… isn’t it ironic.”

Sarb Rai: “Action is the genre I would choose as there is never a dull moment in my life. Sandra Bullock is my choice as she often plays a strong determined character and represents a positive role model for women.”

Rod Ross: “Tom Cruise as I see myself as a person who lives a life of adventure that challenges the status quo… a Maverick!”

Neil Turner: “Inspirational sport drama – Kevin Costner (apparently I look a bit like him).”

Stacey Wakelin: “It would be a road trip adventure movie (lots of beautiful sights, great conversations and a few twists along the way), and I would love to have Kate Winslet play me in the film.”

Marnie Wilson: “Action adventure, Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games).”


• Langley City mayoralty candidates

Nathan Pachal: “It would be sci-fi. Justice Smith.”

Val van den Broek: “Genre: action – Who would play you: Catherine Zeta-Jones.”

• Langley City council candidates

Paul Albrecht: “Action. My wife says the actor has to be Billy Bob Thornton.”

Shelley Coburn: “Science fiction – specifically dystopian, and I would be played by Robert Williams.”

Gurjit Dhillon: Chose not to answer.

Jennifer Elderkin: “Adventure – Meryl Streep.”

Jeff Jacobs: “drama/comedy, Bill Murray.”

Teri James: “It would be a sitcom played by Helen Hunt.”

Delaney Mack: “I would like to think that Jennifer Lawrence would play me, just simply because I like her acting.”

Gayle Martin: Chose not to answer.

Cherise Okeymow: “Parody comedy/Jennifer Lawrence.”

Mike Solyom: “A thriller with a twist, like Momento? I used to get some ‘Jack’ from Lost comparisons, so Matthew Fox.”

David Stingl: “It would be a comedy for sure, and I wish it could have been Norm MacDonald just telling his Dad jokes. I miss Norm.”

Rudy Storteboom: “If my life were a film, it would be a low-budget independent film, with Jerry Seinfeld in the lead roll. The movie would be about a large man who finds himself by giving himself away. Between get-togethers, socials and community events, our protagonist struggles to develop a stand-up comedy routine by peppering his conversations with one-liners that seem to be mildly entertaining and are often misunderstood. In the end, he wins the lottery but gives most of it away because the windfall interferes with his quality of life.”

Rosemary Wallace: “If a movie was made of my life I would like it to be a musical and have my eldest daughter play me.”

Leith White: “Genre: biographical. Played by my identical twin brother, Miles.”


• Langley City school trustees candidates (both acclaimed)

Candy Ashdown: “A romantic comedy, and I would be played by Laura Linney.”

Tony Ward: “If a movie was made of my life, it would be a romantic comedy, where Kermit the Frog would play me, and Julie Andrews would play my love interest.”



• GRID: Langley Township candidates answer series of questions

• GRID: Langley City candidates answer series of questions

• GRID: Langley school trustee candidates answer series of questions



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