Langley Pirate candidate ran a zero-dollar campaign

Says he spent no money at all on May 2 federal election campaign

Craig Nobbs

Craig Nobbs

Elections Canada didn’t report the financials of Langley Pirate Party Candidate Craig Nobbs from the May 2 federal election because there weren’t any to disclose, he said Thursday (Dec. 29).

“I spent no money at all to run my campaign during the past election,” Nobbs told the Times after Elections Canada released candidate expense reports from the May 2 federal election and left Nobbs’ online report blank.

Nobbs said he filed his documentation within the four-month deadline for candidates and has received his deposit back.

“As for the amount that I spent and filed in the documentation, the amount was $0.00,” Nobbs noted in an email to the Times.

That would make Nobbs’ campaign the most cost-effective of the Langley contest by a big margin.

In the vote that re-elected incumbent Conservative MP Mark Warawa, Nobbs finished last with 355 votes or 0.7 per cent, but placed first on the list of thriftiest campaigns with a zero-dollars-per-vote ratio.

Second-place NDP candidate Piotr Majkowski ran the second most cost-effective campaign, spending about $1.45 in for every vote he got.

Third-place Liberal  candidate Rebecca Darnell ran the costliest campaign on a per-vote basis at $7.66.

Each candidate in the Langley riding was allowed to spend up to $93,931.03 based on the number of electors in the riding.

Warawa, the winner, spent the most — $53,982.10 or 57 per cent of the maximum allowable to win with 35,569 votes or 64.5 per cent of the total number of ballots (54,320).

On a per-vote basis, Warawa ran the third most cost-effective campaign at $1.55.