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Langley resident shares $2M lotto win with her very best friend

Kathleen Cook and Alan Barker are now $2 million richer – topping off 50 years of friendship

Best friends for more than 50 years, while living in different parts of B.C., Langley’s Kathleen Cook and Alan Barker from Courtenay have more than just a future reunion to celebrate – they now have $2 million.

A routine BC/49 draw revealed to a dumbfounded Barker on March 4 that the pair had won big.

“I was looking at the screen and was dumbstruck,” said the senior, “Even while I was walking out someone asked if it was the big winner.

“I still can’t believe it,” he continued, noting the first person he told was his lottery sidekick.

When Cook, a Langley resident, found out about their winnings, she said it was hard to believe Barker was telling the truth.

“It took a long time to register,” Cook said. “I was surprised… full of wonder and disbelief.”

Barker met Cook in England in the 1950s. Later, they both made the move to Canada with their spouses, having kept in contact ever since.

More recently, they began buying lottery tickets together as a continued act of friendship.

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The pair are planning a reunion with a small portion of their shared $2 million.

With other amounts, Barker plans to provide his local hospital with new equipment.

He’s also considering making the move to a “posher” assisted living facility, he divulged.

With her $1 million – Cook plans to improve the lives of her Langley family members.

Cook and Barker, with help from Barker’s grandson, claimed their prize through BCLC’s alternate prize claim process.

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