Langley residents still having fires while B.C. burns

Langley residents still having fires while B.C. burns

Township fire department still putting out backyard fires, issuing fines

While wildfires burn across the province, and a provincial and local fire ban is in place, some Langley residents are still choosing to burn.

Township firefighters were called to a burning complaint Wednesday afternoon at a property on 272 Street. The property owner was fined. The most common burning fine is a minimum of $200, but it can be combined to exceed more than $1,000, said District fire chief Russ Jenkins.

It seems there is a small population of people who aren’t getting the message about how dangerous burning can be right now.

“In the past four or five days, we have gone out to two or three backyard campfires or burning complaints,” said Jenkins.

Burning permits are issued twice a year in the Township, in spring and fall.

On Wednesday, July, 12, the Township Fire Department issued a campfire ban.

“We are dealing with very dry, hot conditions, and many areas of the province are struggling to battle forest fires,” Township Assistant Fire Chief Pat Walker said.

“It’s a dangerous situation that we hope to avoid here by taking preventative measures. We don’t want to put any lives or property at risk.”

Residents who notice a fire should call 911.

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