Langley students produce 29 environmental films

Concerned students in Langley have put their creative abilities to work and produced 29 short films about water issues in British Columbia.

The students are participants in the Blue Challenge, an opportunity for local youth to make their voices heard about the future of water in our province.

“If we keep pouring toxins down the drain, the fish and salmon may never come back to our oceans, seas, lakes and streams,” say Susan Kovacevic and Kylie Poohachoff in their documentary Water Pollution Ruining the Earth. Their words are accompanied by images of trees, cattle and fish, punctuated by scenes of landfills and floating garbage.

In the drama Save the Water, Janaya Sawatzky and Taylor Swift ask us “did you know by keeping that tap on you waste four gallons of water? And 95% of water that comes into our homes goes down the drain. And 4,500 people every day die from lack of clean water.” Sawatzky and Swift have used their film to dramatize common but destructive actions, like leaving garbage on the beach, and emphasize the simple ways we can protect our water resources.

Eight of the best films produced for the Blue Challenge will be screened at an awards ceremony on Thursday, April 7. The public is invited to attend this free screening from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Fraser Presentation Theatre at the Township of Langley’s Civic Facility at 20338 – 65 Ave.