Latest Brookswood OCP vote set for Monday

Latest Brookswood OCP vote set for Monday

Langley Township council is expected to consider the matter yet again.

The matter of Brookwood’s official community plan (OCP) will go to a key vote on Monday, Oct. 23.

Langley Township council is scheduled to vote on the third reading of the new community plan, the third such vote since 2014.

A public hearing in late September drew people concerned about the contents of the current plan, which would adjust density across much of the Fernridge area south of suburban Brookswood.

Density, tree preservation, and impact of thousands of new residents on school, roads, and parking have been raised throughout the process.

The initial version of the plan, in 2014, attracted considerable opposition. There were public protests and petitions against the plan. It was defeated, and council went back to the drawing board, with the intent of gathering more public input in the process that ran for well over a year.

The second version of the plan was defeated July 11, in an unexpected argument after numerous amendments had been made to the plan. Some councillors were opposed to the plan overall, while others felt it had been amended too much, and also voted against it.

Mayor Jack Froese called for a reconsideration, and the council decided to hold another public hearing, due to the numerous amendments folded into the OCP.

If the third reading passes on Oct. 23, the new plan will likley become law and shape the next several decades of growth in South Brookswood.

Late in the process, some landowners began to argue against the OCP because development is already taking place – 7,000 square foot lots are allowed under the original, 1987 plan. The new plan will actually slow down growth because further neighbourhood plans must then be completed, landowners argued.