MLAs Coleman, Polak re-elected with fewer votes than 2009

More voters took part in 2013 election in Langley, and there are still more votes to be counted.

The two Langley BC Liberal MLAs re-elected by large margins on Tuesday actually secured less votes than in 2009, even though the number of voters rose.

However, their vote totals will go up when absentee ballots are counted, so may end up being close to their 2009 levels.

In Langley, Mary Polak received 12,694 votes on election night, with NDP Andrew Mercier getting 6,573 votes, John Cummins of the Conservatives 2,897  and Green Wally Martin 2,298.

The total number of votes cast in Langley and counted Tuesday was 24,462. This compares with 23,483, the final vote total in the 2009 election. In that election, Polak received 13,295 votes, to 8,400 for Kathleen Stephany of the NDP and 1,788 for Green Ron Abgrall.

In Fort Langley-Aldergrove, Rich Coleman received 14,533 votes, Shane Dyson of the NDP got 6,700, Rick Manuel of the Conservatives got 2,353, Lisa David of the Greens got 1,957 and independent Kevin Mitchell got 619.

Total votes counted on Tuesday were 26,162, as compared to the final vote total of 24,396 in 2009.

In 2009, Coleman received 15,139 votes, Gail Chaddock-Costello of the NDP got 7,491 and Travis Erbacher of the Greens got 1,765.

Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce embarked on an extensive campaign to boost voter turnout in the two Langley ridings by at least five per cent. That total has already been exceeded in Fort Langley-Aldergrove, even without absentee ballots. In Langley the total is up by four per cent,  and should reach the five per cent mark when absentee votes are counted.