More than $182,000 spent in Langley mayors’ races

Three-way races for mayor in both Langley Township and Langley City were costly for most candidates

The 2014 municipal election was one of the costliest in Langley history.

Three-way races for mayor in Langley Township and Langley City saw candidates spend just over $182,000.

In Langley City, the three candidates for mayor spent $38,840.87. Ted Schaffer handily won election as mayor after serving as acting mayor for about 18 months. He spent $30,175.32 on his campaign. Challenger Randy Caine spent $4,870.42 and challenger Ray Lewis spent $3,435.13.

In Langley Township, incumbent Jack Froese spent just under $100,000 — $99,690.82. Former mayor Rick Green spent $44,025 to challenge Froese, while Serena Oh reported spending nothing on her campaign.

The Times will publish details about spending and campaign contributors, as well as details about spending by candidates for council and the board of education, in Thursday’s edition.

There was significant third-party spending in Langley Township.

The Langley Township Unelection Campaign, which targeted five incumbents for defeat, spent a total of $8,689.06, although more than half of that was listed as in-kind donations. Three of the incumbents it had targeted for defeat, councillors Bev Dornan, Steve Ferguson and Grant Ward, lost their seats.

The campaign raised a total of $4,250 in cash from nine donors. Stan Scheves donated $2,000, with Unelection organizers Andy Schildhorn and Lee Lockwood each donating $500 through their businesses. Nancy Jeakins was the next largest donor, giving $300.

The campaign reported in-kind donations from Peter Holt, $2,875 for moderating an  all-candidates meeting; Ian Cameron, $3,160 for web development and services; Eventstar Services, $1,075 for public address services for the candidates meeting; Far West Printing, $265 for business cards and Harold Whittell, $138 for telephones.

Langley Township Firefighters, local 4550 of the International Association of Fire Fighters, spent $7,201.93 on the campaign, with it all coming from union funds. It was spent on newspaper and other advertising, $2,635.76; signs, $2,528.98 and brochures, $2,037.19. The local endorsed Froese and eight candidates for council, all but one of  whom won. It did not endorse Petrina Arnason, and did back Ferguson.

Langley Teachers Association, Aldergrove Recreation and Pool Society and Brookswood Neighbours all reported spending less than $500 on third-party advertising.