Outdoor burning ban still in place in Langley Township

Conditions are still too dry to allow any outdoor burning, says Langley Township fire department.

  • Sep. 17, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Until there is a significant amount of rainfall in Langley Township, the ban on outdoor burning will stay.

Assistant fire chief Pat Walker said record high temperatures and extremely dry weather conditions mean no burning permits will be issued.

“Normally burning season runs in September and April to give residents a chance to clean up their yards and burn garden debris,” Walker said. “However, we have experienced extremely hot and dry conditions at the end of August and on into September, meaning burning season will be delayed this year.”

The light rainfall on Wednesday was not enough to improve conditions.

“It won’t make a difference to the index at all,” said Walker, noting that Langley currently has a fire danger forecast of high — and it has been there for more than six days.

Normally the municipality’s rating is low by this time of year.

Bonfires, yard debris burning, and outdoor cooking in anything other than CSA-approved barbecues or briquette barbecues is not allowed.

The Township fire department has zero tolerance for offenders and those who disobey the ban could face fines exceeding $200.