Postal workers picket

Post office workers are picketing the Langley City plant of Canada Post, while the federal government brings in a back-to-work law.

Locked out postal workers Kelly Kimber (left)

Locked out postal workers Kelly Kimber (left)

Postal workers in Langley continue to be off the job Friday, and mail delivery remains suspended.

While a back-to-work law has been introduced in the House of Commons in Ottawa, the NDP opposition has mounted a filibuster, so there is no end in sight to the debate. The House sat overnight Thursday night and Friday morning and is still debating the bill.

There has be no update from Elections B.C. about how the Canada Post lockout will affect the refendum on the HST. All HST referendum packages were to be delivered to B.C. voters by today, but none have been delivered, because of the job action.

The HST referendum ballots are supposed to be returned to Elections B.C. by Friday, July 22.