Pot dispensaries addressed

An amendment to Langley Township’s zoning bylaw introduced at council’s April 18 meeting addresses for the first time medical marijuana dispensaries.

Mark Neill, the Township’s manager of development planning, explained that although the document underwent a review in 2007, it did not make provision for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The amendment is to specifically exclude them from commercial zones.

The amendment defines medical marijuana dispensaries as the use of any premises to sell, distribute or trade the drug, unless allowed under federal marijuana medical access regulations.

This, Neill told council, “is a federally regulated item.”

Administrator Mark Bakken advised that the Township has received several inquiries about business licences, and the amendment to the zoning bylaw “would strengthen our position that this is a non-permitted use, by specifically stating they are not permitted.”

The zoning bylaw, a document which consolidates all the Township’s zoning laws, was adopted in 1987. The amendments will require a public hearing.