Reality TV eyes Aldergrove for new series

Aldergrove 'Our Town' is in the running for the honour of being featured in a planned new national 'reality TV' series.

Aldergrove 'Our Town' is in the running for the honour of being featured in a planned new national 'reality TV' series.

This community is being eyed for a new national “reality TV” series.

Aldergrove has made the short list said a news release from Force Four Entertainment.

The Vancouver-based production company is looking for a town, in which for three months, participating citizens will have access to financial experts who will help transform the community and launch a national movement.

The development producers will come to Aldergrove Community Secondary School on Wednesday, March 16 at 7 p.m., said the news release: “This will be an opportunity for us to get to know the town, meet the people who’ve applied, and answer questions from anyone thinking about it. We hope to see as many people possible coming out to this meeting – whether you want to be at the forefront of this show or more in the background. This is your chance to show the network that you’re ready to play. Numbers matter. All questions are welcome.”

The Aldergrove Business Association (ABA) has been lobbying Force Four in recent weeks for the distinction of winning the featured top spot. There is a Facebook page (“The Aldergrove Project”) which has reached over 800 supporters in promoting this town for the honour.

“Select individuals in Aldergrove will receive help from financial experts, coaches and advisors to help them attain their dreams and aspirations as well as help us grow closer as a community,” said ABA president Bruce Heslop.

“After projects like community clean-ups, helping a family in need in an Aldergrove version of home make-over, and family orientated events such as block parties and fair days, Aldergrove has attracted attention. What we need to do now is pull together as a community, spread the word around and show that we are excited at this chance to move forward in a big way.”

Squamish is also in the running and Force Four will be meeting with their supporters on March 14.

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