Richter upset with colleagues

The failure of her colleagues to at least discuss an issue of safety has incensed Councillor Kim Richter.

On April 11, Richter failed to find a seconder for her motion calling on the two senior levels of government to investigate, regulate and possibly ban the transportation of gas in cans.

Richter said that the strong Canadian dollar and rising gas prices are luring more and more residents to buy their fuel in the U.S. She said that placing large jerry cans of gas inside the passenger compartments of vehicles poses a danger from fumes which could ignite in the event of a collision.

She said her primary concern was for children riding as passengers in vehicles where cans are being carried.

When the April 11 agenda reached her motion, there was no seconder.

After the meeting, Richter was clearly livid.

“I’m disgusted with this council,” she said.

“They are not family friendly. Why would something like this not be discussed?” Richter said. “It’s a safety issue.”

Saying that she has seen as many as six large cans of gas loaded into vehicles, Richter said she wanted support for the enforcement of regulations that require gas-filled plastic containers to be secured in vehicles, as well as proper labels on cans.

Because fumes are volatile, it would take only one spark from static electricity to engulf a vehicle in flames, she said.

“I’m not saying ‘don’t do it.’ I’m saying ‘do it safely,’ “ Richter said.

When she gave notice of her motion, Richter said that “The transport of these gas-filled plastic containers in the back of private vehicles constitutes a significant public safety hazard on Township and other Lower Mainland roads, for both vehicle owners and vehicle passengers, especially children.”

She will now seek support from Premier Christy Clark, “clearly a family-friendly politician.”