Scooter repair ‘business’ booming for 93-year-old volunteer

Response to Cliff Steele's story has been overwhelming — just as the Langley senior had hoped

Cliff Steele has been one busy 93-year-old. Last month, The Times ran a story about Steele who fixes up used scooters and electric wheelchairs and donates them to those in need.

He had contacted the paper to reach out to the community in hopes of getting a hold of more scooters.

That request has been met.

“Things are happening so beautifully,” said Steele last week.

“I have scooters coming in and going out. I’ve had 20 scooters donated already.”

With a mechanics background, he was helping people out through word of mouth.

But then he got in touch with the United Way, and since then,the demand for scooters has exploded.

But with the new inventory comes more volunteers to help too, he said.

A retired friend of his who is “an electronics genius” has volunteered to help with that aspect.

“That has been my weakness. But he can read the schematics so it will be great,” he said.

Someone else has volunteered to pick up scooters as well.

“Everyone is helping and it’s going great.

“I’m run off my feet but it’s great,” said Steele.