Sunny Bui sees bright future for Aldergrove

  • Jan. 27, 2011 7:00 a.m.
Sunny Bui

Sunny Bui

Sunny Bui lives up to his name with a “sunny” disposition and a positive outlook on life.

Sunny is currently in his final year at Aldergrove Secondary School, where in addition to a heavy course-load he is serving as the Student Council President. The 17-year-old has served on the council’s Spirit Committee for the previous two years and says he’s seen “tons of change. We’ve boosted school morale in spite of budget cuts. We have lots of (school) colours flying.”

Sunny started out his Kindergarten to Grade 2 years at Langley’s Nicomekl Elementary and came to Aldergrove’s Parkside Elementary for his Grades 3-7 years, before graduating to Aldergrove Secondary for his high school years.

He’s in the French Immersion program and intends to be fluently “bilingual by the end of the year.”

His heavy course-load in sciences is aimed at a future career in medicine.

“Aldergrove is a fantastic place to be, to grow up. It’s nice and small, its own community, and it’s easy to get around. I hope to see a lot of positive things happen here without losing our special character,” said Sunny.

He’s involved in school athletics as well as providing input to the Township of Langley.

His sports are basketball and rugby, in addition to the school theatre program. The rugby season has just started up with practices and Sunny says the ’09-10 Fraser Valley Championship banner will be raised high over coming months. The theatre program is working on a production that will be presented in May, and Sunny says “the characters are very interesting.”

The Student Council is gearing up for “pink and red spirit days in February and a reprise of its “Aldy Idol” competition in April. In addition they are planning several bake sales for the Feed the Children Foundation.