Teens see drunk driving through new lens

Two films made by RE Mountain Secondary film students have made it to the BCAA top five in a video challenge.

Two of RE Mountain senior film student groups have made it to the top five finalist positions for BCAA’s drinking and driving video challenge.

Now they just need the public’s vote to bring in the win. Voting wraps up Dec. 4.

The winner receives $6,000 towards their dry grad.

Grade 12 student Sidney Cowling’s film “2 Beers” is in the running.

Her powerful video shows the aftermath of having just two beers and driving. It includes scenes of a mom in the morgue and a funeral sceneĀ  with a little girl asking where her mom is.

The narrator and adult in the video is her film teacher and “my mom is the one lying on the table dead,” said Cowling. The others in the film are from the acting program at Mountain.

Cowling said making the film made all of them take drinking and driving more seriously.

“All the trouble two beers can cause you and the guilt stays with you forever,” she said. “I really wanted to emphasize how many lives are impacted forever from your actions.”

Because there are two films from RE Mountain in the competition, they have been getting the school population to split their votes.

The other video is called “Minuscule Moments.”

Check out the videos here.