Too many pedestrians putting themselves in harm’s way — Langley RCMP

Four pedestrians ticketed for jaywalking after being warned a minute before not to cross busy Fraser Highway.

On Tuesday morning (Oct. 21), one pedestrian was killed by a car in Richmond, and an 18-year-old pedestrian from Abbotsford was clinging to life after being struck.

It’s that time of year when darker, rainier days mean pedestrians are more at risk and Langley RCMP and ICBC were trying to make that point on Oct. 15.

The insurance corporation along with traffic officers conducted a pedestrian education enforcement initiative in the 19600 block of Fraser Highway for an hour and a half.

In that time, 13 pedestrians were issued violation tickets for not using a crosswalk along a very busy road.

Surprisingly four pedestrians ticketed had less than a minute earlier been informed by the ICBC volunteer on the dangers of jaywalking.  They accepted the information and immediately jaywalked across the street through heavy traffic. Another pedestrian ticketed had a family member struck by a car recently.

“We’re asking drivers to do their part to share our roads safely and watch out for pedestrians especially when turning in intersections,” said Hilary Matheson, local ICBC road safety coordinator. “As a pedestrian, you need to make eye contact with drivers and wear reflective clothing or gear to make it easier for drivers to see you in fall and winter.”

A pedestrian was hit but not badly injured stepping into a crosswalk at Walnut Grove Secondary on Monday afternoon.

Police are asking pedestrians to look left and right again before crossing a street and make sure the vehicle has come to a stop.