Tours of Glen Valley forest this Sunday

Guided tours of land which could be sold by Township take place on Sunday.

A group of Glen Valley residents have organized an afternoon of guided tours through the forested lands known as Gray Pit.

The property lies not far from McLellan Park which residents successfully lobbied Township council to preserve.

The municipality had hoped to use the funds from the sale of the 21-acre McLellan Park to finance the purchase of the Aldergrove Elementary school site on which it plans to build a community centre, ice rink and swimming pool.

Gray Pit forest consists of several parcels, five of which the Township still intends to sell. An appraisal has placed the value of three five-acre lots at $625,000 each, one five-acre parcel at $645,000, and another five acres at $578,000.

Several weeks ago, the Township rejected auction bids because they were too low. The parcels are now for sale on MLS.

The guided tours are from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 12 by the residents who have formed WOLF — Watchers of Langley Forests.

McLellan Park and Gray Pit forests have been in Township hands since the 1930s.

Those interested in touring the coniferous forest should meet WOLF volunteers on 257A Street, approximately two blocks north of 84 Avenue.