Flooding waters from the Fraser River crossed Glen Valley roads and entered private farms and residences last week.

Flooding waters from the Fraser River crossed Glen Valley roads and entered private farms and residences last week.

Township areas still on evacuation alert

Township of Langley affected residents in Glen Valley remain on evacuation alert

While the City of Abbotsford briefly issued an evacuation order last week for some Glen Valley residents, Township of Langley affected residents remain on evacuation alert.

The Fraser River water level continues to rise, however, an evacuation order has not been necessary. Residents in the Township still have road access in and out of the area.

A road closure is in effect at 264 Street between 84 and 88 Avenues, due to high water on the road. Fort Langley’s Marina Park area east of the parking lot and the boat launch are also closed.

An evacuation alert issued by the Township of Langley for the unprotected areas of Glen Valley, Northwest Langley, Brae Island, and McMillan Island is still in place.

Farmers that wish to evacuate their livestock should contact Ministry of Agriculture.

“We are keeping a very watchful eye on the river and the weather,” said Township director of public works Roeland Zwaag. “So far it is holding steady, although people in areas unprotected by dykes have been told they may have to leave quickly, should that situation change.”

On Wednesday, June 20, 147 homes, farms, and businesses – including lumber industries, a winery, campground, and aviation-related business – were put on evacuation alert by the Township of Langley. Those who live and work in those areas were told to find alternate accommodations and be ready to leave their homes, should the river overflow its banks.

The recent dry spell has slowed the rising of the water. However, forecasts indicate more intense rain for the weekend, and the evacuation alert remains in effect. Langley Township staff, emergency responders, and the Langley Emergency Program continue to monitor conditions and provide updates.

Engineering staff are patrolling eight kilometres of dykes, which protect the majority of Township land along the river.

Because the Fraser River is moving quickly and the water is rising and collecting debris, the public is asked to stay off the dykes and the river itself. People should not cross barricades on roads or trails, even if flooding is not visible. As well, they are asked not to approach emergency personnel or municipal staff to ask questions or seek information, as it inhibits them from doing their work.

“We need residents to be cautious and aware, and make smart choices during this potentially dangerous time – for their own safety,” said Zwaag.

For more information and flood watch updates, visit:

· Langley Emergency Program website at langleyemergency.ca

· Township of Langley website at tol.ca

· Township of Langley Facebook and Twitter channels – go to tol.ca and click on the social media icons