16 Ave. needs upgrades

I am one of those commuters, and I do pay taxes and I pay them to Langley Township.


In reference to the news story ‘Councillor pushes for 16 Avenue safety upgrades’. According to this story some of the feedback given to Coun. Fox includes a quote regarding commuters not paying taxes and only want to get from A to B.

I am one of those commuters, and I do pay taxes and I pay them to Langley Township. Having lived in Aldergrove and travelled 16 Avenue daily for over 20 years I find it objectionable that the writers or contributors to this story assume everyone travelling this route does not live locally.

What I find amusing is that the Township seems to agree with Surrey that we need a truck park close to 192nd Street on 16th. What is needed is more safety inspections of the dump trucks using this route as  there are always rocks etc. falling off the back of these trucks.

If lights are to be installed it will only slow down traffic even more. Speed should be put up to 80 kph in keeping with other parts of this road in the Abbotsford area, and yes I know there will always be some who exceed that as there is on any other road locally. There is nothing wrong with the road, only the bad driving.

The fact is that these trucks already slow everyone down; the other day drivers were down to 40 kph and some were passing trucks unsafely. Truck drivers are not the only ones with a job to do or get to, they also need to learn to leave phones alone when driving (quite a common sight) and it would be helpful if they at least attempted to stay within the lines on their side of the road; if the road is not wide enough for your vehicle then use a different route.

Before all the truckers in the area get annoyed at these comments I do acknowledge that there are a lot of you out there who are safe drivers but sadly you are now in the minority and most cannot consider themselves to be ‘professional drivers’.

Name withheld by request


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