Another climate change summit sucks up taxpayer dollars

Summit after summit takes place, with the aim being to convince people "the science is settled" on climate change.

Editor: Another useless climate summit junket is getting underway.

Here we go again with eco-alarmist abuse of taxpayers’ money. This useless UN climate summit junket is taking place in New York today (Tuesday, Sept. 23).

Nothing has ever been accomplished at these conferences, and there is another one next year in Paris.

Even OXFAM declared the 2012 Rio+20 Earth Summit extravaganza “a hoax that achieved nothing.”

Some 20,000 to 40,000 attendees from 178 countries participate in these rituals, mostly paid by us taxpayer suckers. Imagine the travel cost, never mind the carbon footprint on the planet they are all there to save.

There are preparation groups, meetings and dozens of sub-committees with trumped-up eco names, such as sustainability, biodiversity, endangered species etc.

Do you ever wonder how many billions have been wasted on junkets that have occurred since green activists met in Rio 22 years ago for  “The Earth Summit,” and devised a never-ending way to tour the world at taxpayers’ expense?

Participants have been to Berlin, Geneva, Kyoto, Buenos Aires, Bonn, The Hague, Marrakesh, New Delhi, Milan, Montreal, Nairobi, Bali, Poznan, Copenhagen, Cancun, Durban, Qatar Doha, Rio (20 years later), Warsaw, Stockholm, Abu Dhabi, Lima and now New York.

They really hit the motherlode of all gravy trains with the “climate change- extreme weather” brand names. Can you picture them at the poolside, high fiving with their pina coladas in hand, soaking up the sun and laughing at how great global warming has been to them.

Global warming has not happened as all of their computer models predicted, rather it has stalled for the last 18 years. Now the alarmists are taking part in  as many as two junkets per year, to keep the promotional treadmill alive. It’s like when I hear someone say “trust me, I’m honest.” It’s a good vacuum cleaner.

Their modus operandi continues to be “proof by repeated assertion.” Keep repeating the fallacy ad nauseum until people get tired of it, then claim it as fact and say “the science is settled.”


Roland Seguin,