Are freedoms under attack in name of security?

Times have changed a lot since "9/11" and we Canadians are reluctant to further erode our freedoms without good cause.


Re: Bill C-51 and increased powers for authorities to track terrorists

Times have changed a lot since “9/11” and we Canadians are reluctant to further erode our freedoms without good cause. Many of us are nervous about giving the state authorities, CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and Police more broad powers.

This is a very difficult issue for the government to deal with, especially pre-election where the opposition’s purpose is to bash Harper and the ruling parties every move to make political points.

In the open western world, it is a complex balancing act to preserve our freedoms and sovereignty to keep us safer than the radical chaos we are witnessing elsewhere. Radical Islam and other extremism has now creeped and manifested itself across our country, indoctrinating and recruiting some of our youth into anarchist jihad ideology.

The terrorists are very sophisticated in using our laws and freedoms against us, exploiting political correctness and the weak spots in our laws to their advantage. We do need to upgrade the laws sufficiently to deal with them.

Since terrorists / anarchists maneuver in the shadows, clandestine covert undercover missions are necessary to thwart terrorist activities before they climax. Obviously, it’s important that the undercover agents’ covers not be blown.

Bill-51’s opposition mantra is “More Oversight,” however, the very nature of surreptitious investigations is utmost secrecy. To suggest that undercover work should be known to the suspects under surveillance is obviously a nonsensical oxymoron.

So how do we minimize erosion of our freedoms? “If you are not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about”, freedom’s slippery slope is unfortunately where radical Islam jihad and provocative activists have brought us nearer.

We have to realize in all serious reality, it’s never going to be as free as we once were before 9/11.

But we can hold our public protectors (Police) to some oversight account if they abuse their record keeping ‘book’ on us regular citizens.

We have;

– Our local Members of Parliament (Federal).

– Our local Members of Legislative Assembly (Provincial).

– Our free press and media, newspaper reporters, radio talk programs, TV news etc.

– Internet, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Should Bill C-51 include the surveillance and protection of our infrastructure and economy?

It’s become a serious concern that foreign funded anti-oil eco-lobby is targeting Canadian oil as they don’t activate against American, OPEC, or Russian oil, only Canadian oil and pipelines. The most nervous faction of upgraded Bill C-51 laws are the un-Canadian provocative activists attempting to subvert our economy.

It is a very serious matter attempting to prevent a countries’ products from reaching markets. Economic sedition? Insurgent anarchy? Wars have been fought over less things.

In support of Bill C-51, Canada’s sovereignty and protection of our infrastructure is paramount to our economy, jobs and survival.

Roland Seguin, Langley