Ask ‘who benefits?’ from it

Re: "B.C. is truly blessed with sustainability," Star letters, March 22.


Re: “B.C. is truly blessed with sustainability,” Star letters, March 22.

This letter speaks of our hydro sustainability and gives high praise to “low impact run of river projects”. This sounds like BC Hydro propaganda.

There are many well publicized reports of river damage that impede salmon migration and promises to  correct that have never been carried out.

Then there are the power lines run from remote generation sites to the nearest grid.  On these routes none or very little concern has been given to the environment. Small feeder streams are torn apart and left that way. Deep in the woods there is no one to see the damage these right of ways leave behind. Did you ever wonder who pays the cost of running these hydro lines?

The price BC Hydro is forced to pay for this run of river power is, by government contract, many times higher than wholesale market price.

This debt will eventually break BC Hydro. You can’t buy something for ten dollars and sell it for three and stay in business very long.

You should always ask the question: why and who benefits?

John Winter, Langley