Bumpy road ahead here

The roads in Aldergrove are about to get bumpier...


The roads in Aldergrove are about to get bumpier. The mayor and Council have decided to spend our tax dollars on speed bumps on 29th Avenue, despite the fact they have no mandate to install speed bumps and no support from the public to do this.

These speed bumps will push more traffic onto the side streets as people try to avoid the congestion created by these “traffic calming measures.” Most of the residential roads have no sidewalks, thus risking the pedestrians on those streets.

It is not to late to to prevent 29th Avenue from becoming a bumpy drive like 32nd and 28th Avenues; call or write the Mayor and Council and let them know that you don’t want speed bumps as part of their “traffic calming measures.’

We can also remind them that in November we as residents of Aldergrove will be taking some “Council calming measures,” at the ballot box.

Jim Kirk, Aldergrove