Canopy won’t cut it

Welcome to the latest episode in the proposed Aldergrove “Open Air” swimming pool fiasco.


Welcome to the latest episode in the proposed Aldergrove “Open Air” swimming pool fiasco.

We are told, ”Sorry, we cannot afford an indoor pool as promised, but we will give you an outdoor pool instead and put a canopy over it!” Brilliant! Talk about collective stupidity. Only councillor Charlie Fox had the gumption to vote against it.

Last week I went for my regular swim at W.C. Blair pool. After my swim I stood and looked at all the activity taking place there. Avid swimmers were doing laps in the fast lane, while novice swimmers were walking or swimming in the slower lanes. A class of more than 30 people were doing a water aerobics class. The instructor was leading them through the routines from the poolside. I also saw the mums and dads playing and splashing around with their young children. The large Jacuzzi and diving areas were popular, as always.

I estimated about 100 people were using the pool. If you multiply that by the number of hours and days the pool is in operation, a lot of members of the community are using this facility on a regular basis.

What would this look like if the walls around the pool were removed? How many people would still be there enjoying it between September and May? Very few, if any.

A canopy over the pool will not keep anyone warm in winter. To add insult to injury a canopy would keep the sun out during the summer, eliminating the enjoyment of an open air pool. Talk about a double whammy.

Would it not make sense for the $1,574,000 dedicated for the canopy to be put into a trust fund? It could be held there until the job can be done properly. It might also attract fund raising efforts, if there was a specific goal identified for the project.

So, I say to the Township of Langley Council, “Give us an indoor pool that can be used all year round as promised”. It is badly needed. Otherwise just forget about the project until such time as the job can be done correctly.

Bernie and Sue Major, Aldergrove