Christy Clark’s family plan questioned

Premier Christy Clark insults my basic common sense with her phony concern for families.


Premier Christy Clark insults my basic common sense with her phony concern for families. How can it be good for families when she keeps spending us deeper in debt with borrowed money we have to pay back with interest?

The elephant in the room is our debt. What are we up to now, about $55 billion and climbing? Costing us over $600 million a day, or $2.5 billion per year in interest payments alone, flushed down the rat hole. Isn’t this mortgaging our children’s future?

To put it in perspective, one year of interest on debt is equivalent to the estimated 2.46 billion construction cost of the Port Mann Bridge project (which includes 37 kms. of highway improvements). It’s hard to imagine that much money completely wasted every year because of this Liberal government mismanagement.

Don’t forget, Christy Clark was Gordon Campbell’s Deputy Premier in 2001-2005, during the BC Rail scandal, also when the Carbon Tax bureaucracy was implemented, then the Run-of-River sellout resulting in the destruction of BC Hydro with now skyrocketing rates, etc. was schemed and imposed.

What has she done for families since she acquired the premier’s title in March 2011?

Off the top of my head, I recall:

1. The $1 billion BC Hydro smart meter boondoggle which she could have stopped.

2. The HST fiasco costing us millions, which she is implicit in, as she called for the referendum which cost more millions.

3. Transportation. Now we will have bridge tolls everywhere, dividing us into lower class citizens south of the Fraser.

4. Rising ferry rates, excessive CEO salaries and golden parachutes.

5. Rising ICBC rates, over the top CEO salaries.

6. Rising Medical Services Plan premiums.

7. Translink overspending: $2.3 billion, of which $1.4 billion was for the Evergreen Line to try and win the Port Moody by-election, with the campaign slogan “Christy got it done”.

8. Extra Family Day holiday in February to cost us and small business more millions during an economic recession.

9. Millions more for 55 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the province to impress the radical eco-left of her party. Completely unnecessary at this time.

10. $30 million cover-up settlement to BOS mining, due to Liberal bungling.

11. “Pork-ulous” spending in Liberal ridings for image boosting photo-ops, like the $400,000 for MLAs Rich Coleman and Mary Polak to build a trail in Langley.

One could go on, but it makes me ill thinking of how the Liberals want more power to manage the province for our families. As the crisis in Europe has proven, government spending and debt is the crux of the problem in every single case.

Roland Seguin, Langley