Conservatives hypocritical on Senate reform

Editor: With just two weeks gone by since the recent election, Stephen Harper appoints one defeated Tory candidate and reappoints two other defeated Conservatives to the Senate. Both had resigned their seats to run in the May 2 campaign.

Consider the words found in Harper’s statement to the press announcing these selections: “Our government will continue to push for a more democratic, accountable and effective Senate.”

What doublespeak.

Maybe a question should be asked of our recently-elected MP regarding his opinion on stacking the Senate with defeated Conservative politicians.

But perhaps the answer can be found in the November 16, 2007 Hansard in which Mark Warawa was recorded as saying “Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the comments that we have heard from the government House leader. I have also heard from my constituents that they are not happy with the Senate in its present form. They are asking for changes. They support what the government is proposing. They do want to see an accountable Senate. They would like to see senators elected, so the government’s plan is taking us in that direction.”

Hypocrisy abounds.


Shane Dyson,