Council pay boost shameful

"I did not get a pay raise, I got a travel allowance." Excuse me, you already have a travel allowance incorporated into your salary


Mr. Fox says, “I did not get a pay raise, I got a travel allowance.” Excuse me, you already have a travel allowance incorporated into your salary, so why do you now have to have a ‘designated’ travel allowance? One-third of your salary can be filed as tax-free for travel expenses.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Fox and Mr. Ferguson are feeling the heat from their ‘significant other’ but that is the price you pay for politics. It’s part of the job. I can’t for the life of me believe that a salary increase and a travel allowance is going to make life at home any better. If it’s too hot in the political kitchen, then get out. If their significant others weren’t made aware of the amount of time that would be required as a member of council, that is the problem that they have to deal with. Perhaps it is an example of how they fail to communicate to others?

And they did get a pay raise, albeit over three years (plus the super catch up increase they got in 2011). Most, if not all, of the members of the Township Council have full-time jobs and are now getting ‘double dipping’ salaries plus ‘travel expenses.’ Travel to where?

I don’t recall any ‘call for input’ regarding salaries and travel expenses for council so I find it an insult to those of us who pay the salaries of our council. I don’t know anyone who gets paid over $100,000 for a part-time job, and anyone of the council that feel they are worth that should shake their heads as there are a lot of people in your constituency that are trying desperately to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table for their families, not getting salary increases and you continue on with the concept that you should have a salary increase plus expenses. Talk about entitlement. You came into the job knowing what the salary would be. It was not part of your mandate to see if your salary was ‘right’ and if you felt otherwise you would vote yourself an increase. An increase in your salary should be part of a referendum attached to the election platform.

I am appalled at your lack of respect of the voters who elected you. And to the committee (task force) that ‘selected the comparables’ they need to have their heads collectively shaken. What are they smoking? How can you compare a municipal council position with a federal position or a position held by a RCMP superintendent? The council position doesn’t even meet the base line qualifications for positions like those and yet, someone, in their small mind, had deemed them comparable, and the Township of Langley has fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

You guys just don’t get it; this isn’t just about the optics of what you are doing it’s about the reality of you getting salary increases that you vote for, for yourselves, while another family goes to the food bank. Shame on you.     

Debbie Atkinson, Langley

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