Feels more like extortion

Smart meter holdouts face stiff fees from BC Hydro" by Jeff Nagel is more like "extortion vs assimilation".


Smart meter holdouts face stiff fees from BC Hydro” by Jeff Nagel is more like “extortion vs assimilation”.

It seems to me, rather than trying to force people to capitulate against their will, there are several less costly alternatives that could be implemented. There would still be some costs but definitely not the $420 per year user fees for an analog meter or the $100 plus $240 per year for a digital meter with the radio transmitter disabled, recently proposed to the BC Utilities Commission. It seems that these figures are very high purposely to blackmail customers into submission.

Around 12 years ago, I rented a home in Surrey which had the meter inside the garage and could not be read by the meter-maid so we called in the readings by phone. It was really no big deal.

So, what about self reporting? A user could email, text a photo of the meter or enter the readings on their account web page. If only after self reporting failed to meet the requirements of timeliness or accuracy, only then charge of a reasonable fee per reading.

My opinion is that the so-called “offers” are not offers at all without the ability to self report.

It seems fair, would meet the holdouts half-way and (hopefully) put an end to yet another long, ongoing NeoLiberal fiasco. Fill your boots with that Minister Bill Bennett.

D. Quiring, Aldergrove