Get bad drivers off the road

It was recently reported that a dump truck driver was speeding, passing cars on a double solid line, and struck a pick-up truck travelling in the opposite direction. The crash immediately killed the driver of the pick-up truck.

The accident occurred on Jan. 18 in Aldergrove.

The driver, a 62-year-old male, walked away from the horrific accident. I wonder if he would have been as brave and foolhardy if he was driving a Smart car rather than a dump truck.

The man should be charged with negligent driving causing death. A horrific accident was going to take place; it was only a question of when. It might have been a school bus full of children.

The penalties for this driving should be at the upper limit. Firstly, because someone was killed, and secondly, because he is a professional truck driver driving a piece of heavy machinery.

The man should never drive in this country again. He should also spend time in jai – at least a five-year sentence. He drove in a grossly foolhardy and dangerous manner. He had no respect at all for other human beings on the roadway.

What can the average citizen do? Let’s get the bad truck drivers off the road.

Whenever you see truck drivers driving dangerously, call 911 and report them to the police.

Their foolhardy driving is putting innocent citizens at risk for death and serious injury and should be reported immediately.

If you get the licence plate number of the trailer and/or the truck and the name of the company; the employers will be able to determine who the driver was.

If the driver is frequently receiving complaints about his driving, I am confident that responsible employers will do the right thing and fire the bad drivers.

They should be fired before they do innocent citizens harm. They then can pursue careers where their disrespect for human life will not constitute a disadvantage.

Jim Tucker, Surrey